Users in different environments.

HeartStart AED's are being used in a wide variety of environments around the UK and globally. Given the range of AED's available there is a HeartStart being used in an environment similar to yours.

As the market leader in AED deployment these environments include:

Fire Services

The HeartStart FR2 and the HeartStart FRx are the defibrillators of choice for a large number of fire services. The exceptional robustness and ease of use offer many advantages. These services include London Fire Brigade and New York Fire Department.


The HeartStart FR2 is the number one AED for all major airlines in the world. Where safety and reliability are paramount airlines such as Qantas, Cathay Pacific and United Airlines choose the HeartStart.

Heavy industrial environments

The HeartStart FR2 and HeartStart FRx have been deployed in a number of light and heavy industrial companies in the UK, including Scottish Power. A trusted name in defibrillation.

Corporate offices

The HeartStart First Aid is the AED of choice for a range of corporate environments. Given its ease of use and self testing parameters HeartStart is the perfect choice. Current large corporate who have implemented HeartStart AEDs are Coca Cola, Disney, Morgan Stanley and Accor Hotels.

Aquatic environments

HeartStart FRx is used by a range of organisations involved in saving lives near water or in wet environments.

Police vehicles and stations

There are a number of police services in UK and around the globe that have identified the HeartStart AED as the most suitable and reliable for their defibrillation programs.